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We spent decades working in 3PLs and order fulfillment, making mistakes and learning from them. Let us help so you can learn the lessons without the cost of the mistakes.

E-commerce order fulfillment is complicated, but we're experts at it. We're a consulting company that helps growth-stage e-commerce companies save 25-35% on their logistics costs.

Interested to see how we can do that for you?
Cut costs to increase profit.
Streamline processes to save time.
Improve experiences to delight customers.
*No high-pressure sales tactics! Just a friendly convo to see if we can help. We promise.

Are you overspending on your order fulfillment, wasting time and disappointing customers?

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Are you sure you’re using the best shipping method for each shipment?


Are you using right packaging for the products you’re shipping?


Are you confident your 3PL is billing you accurately? Are you happy with your 3PL's service?


Do you have international imports that seem to cost too much?


Do you have more errors in your 

shipping operation than you think you should?


Do you think your packages take too
to get to your customers?


Do you get more product returns than you’d like? Are you able to resell your returned products?


Are you sure you picked the right location for your fulfillment center? The right location means orders get to customers faster, for less money.

Are your customers delighted when they unbox orders from your company? Does the fulfillment experience invite customers into a long-term relationship with your brand?

Most companies spend 25-35% more than they need to on their shipping and logistics operations. You don’t have to be one of them.

*No high-pressure sales tactics! Just a friendly convo to see if we can help. We promise.
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Better customer experiences equals happier (repeat!) customers.

We also look at your customer’s journey through the ordering, shipping and receiving process. It should be a great experience and an extension of your brand; if it’s not — we can help you get there.


Reduce costs, increase profit.

Through our years of experience, we know where money is often wasted and where things can be negotiated. We'll also help you automate, streamline and optimize processes so you can save more.


Get back lost time.

Our analysis takes a deep dive into your shipping and logistics process to find out where you're losing time, whether it's in your warehouse, in transit or somewhere else. We'll find time you didn't even know you were losing -- and as we all know, time is money.


Our solutions save money through optimization and automation — not through more painful cost-cutting measures like reducing staff, cutting corners or reducing product quality. These processes will also allow your business to scale.

Optimization and automation enable your business to scale.

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We know that your logistics operation can be the last thing you want to think about. It's boring and complicated. Unfortunately, it's also costing you too much money. We’ll help you find and fix your problems so you can get back to growing your business.

*No high-pressure sales tactics! Just a friendly convo to see if we can help. We promise.
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We aim to save our customers 5-10x what we're paid

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Want to hear about us from our customers directly?

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Our expertise comes from years of managing direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, B2B shipping firms and third-party logistics (3PL) companies. We’ve shipped over 100 million packages, so trust us when we tell you: we know shipping and logistics.


What’s Our Process?

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Every customer starts with an in-depth analysis. You provide us with all your data, from order data to shipping carrier invoices to import data. We analyze the data and compare it to what others are paying. We look for inefficiencies that would save you time and money and improve your customers' experience.


We present our Analysis findings via a live presentation to your team, as well as an in-depth report. You find out where you're spending too much, how you could save time and money by making some changes and optimizations and get advice on how to delight your customers by improving your order fulfillment process.


You can take our Analysis and use the findings to optimize your logistics operations yourself. Most clients opt to hire us after the initial Analysis project to help them maximize their savings, but it's totally up to you! We are able to save 25-35% for our clients on their logistics operations, and that's a typical result.

Ready to save 25-35% on your logistics operations? Every year?!
*No high-pressure sales tactics! Just a friendly convo to see if we can help. We promise.
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Ship Simply helps businesses with logistics, shipping and order fulfillment optimization and automation to find significant cost and time savings.

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We do this by analyzing customer-provided data and performing employee interviews to figure out where customers are overspending, wasting time, or frustrating their customers. We compare this data to industry data, and look for outliers. We have been able to use this method to find significant savings for our customers on their total fulfillment and logistics operations.


Typically, we find 25-35% savings for every customer (seriously, the lowest savings rate we've ever been able to find is 17%). Once we've been through everything, we present all our findings to you, the customer, via a live presentation and in-depth report. These cost savings come every year after your made changes, and scale as your business scales. The changes also don't come from the painful things most people associate with business cost-cutting - it's not done via layoffs or reducing product or packaging quality. It's done by renegotiating contracts, optimizing processes, shopping RFPs and finding the best vendors for your company. That may sound easy, but logistics is complicated, with many moving parts that all affect each other, and many vendors taking advantage of smaller or medium-size companies that are experts in selling and making their products, but not in logistics or order fulfillment.

Ship Simply has experience optimizing and automating services such as: 
          small parcel shipping (including FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL eCommerce and more);
          LTL and FTL shipping;
          international import shipping with broker or freight forwarder assistance (including air freight and ocean - LCL and FCL);
          packaging for cost, function or crafting customer fulfillment experiences;
          order fulfillment and technology, warehouse operations, time-to-ship, time-in-transit and origin optimization;
          3PL and order fulfillment partner selection and contract negotiations;
          returns analysis;
          vendor compliance management including wholesale shipping requirements, Amazon relationship optimization and EDI software oversight;
          and inventory management, including demand planning and forecasting, sku analysis and bundling, and safety stock and reorder point optimization.

Ready to save 25-35% on your logistics operations? Every year?!
*No high-pressure sales tactics! Just a friendly convo to see if we can help. We promise.
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